They say if you are not ashamed of who you were last year, you have not learned anything new.

So this is who I am in 2018.

These are the things I am passionate about:

Business ( I have built and sold one company before, on my 2nd venture now)
Flying ( I have plans to own and fly a flacon 8X- possibly the only material thing I am obsessed with).
France ( If I plan on retiring one day in 100 years – It would be in a château in France.
Basic Sciences – Mainly Physics.
Human behavior
Overall I love solving puzzles that are long and hard to crack.
My flow trigger is hard problems.


This is what I believe:

All humans are equal and have equal value.
We are living in a simulation where we are part of a genetic experiment, and there are 7 billion plus people running around the world thinking each one is unique – their journey is unique – their children are unique. There is something deeply wrong with it, it is only too complex for our simple brains, but everyone can be fit into no more than 2000 boxes.  I think we are genetically programmed to think we are unique to keep us in the game.


My goals:

When I was a student living on 300Euros after paying rent in the south of France, My dream was to have $1M in my bank. I started off with a student loan and achieved my goal in 10 years.
What was interesting about that was the journey and what I learned ( yes I have read the hero with a thousand faces, yes I build my first company only with the objective of making money and I know why it is wrong to chase money as a goal :).


One of the most significant issues about doing something with a number as your objective is the realization that it means nothing once you reach that number. I took a screenshot of my bank statement, and that’s all, the next day was nothing different from the day before. All you wish was that you had enjoyed the journey and shared your wealth even more!
But when you are starting out, you do not know this, and for some reason, some things in life, unfortunately, are hard to realize without living them.

Since then I have learned money is just like a menu. Many people mistake it for food, what it is a menu. The more money you have, the bigger list you have to choose. Once you have chosen for yourself, you start doing things that will have an impact on others, your immediate family, friends, etc., etc.

The only real value of capital is its ability to bring change that you want to see.

So what is the change I want to see?

Some of my goals are:

a) People treating everyone equally : ( maybe unachievable)

If you are a spider entering an ant colony to steal eggs, all you have to do is, smell like an ant from that colony. Does not matter you are 5X bigger and has strange eyes and legs.
That is how powerful the identity of an ant colony is tied to its unique smell. However, an ant that strays from another any colony will get killed immediately as it smells a bit different – even if it is another ant.
– Genetic programming is done in such a way to create these “uniqueness bubbles” to keep the animals following the genetic code that gets expressed as instincts. Humanity is advancing in this area at a plodding pace and often gets confused by these “uniqueness bubbles” skin color, gender, and some artificial uniqueness bubbles we created ourselves like nationalities, religion, etc.
AI will help us realize we are all clones, What the “unique” you are about to search in that search bar is 100% predictable.

b) This one is something I will put my money on and work hard at :

I had and have a lot of friends who are much older than me, in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. I am intrigued by how our DNA is programmed to make sure our bodies deteriorate and we die slowly and often painfully, becoming a burden on others like a child, but without those massive doses of oxytocin that the child pumps out that alters the brain of the mother and bonds her to make sure he is taken care of, or without the features that triggers the “baby face bias” in humans etc.

Essentially what it means is that there is a lot to be done in this area, using nanotechnology, exoskeletons, AI we can create a place where people can live longer, and with more strength and dignity.

Goals without capital to execute them are just wishful thinking about things beyond one’s control and hence a waste of time.

So my first focus is to build the capital that is needed to bring the change I want to see to the world.



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