The best way to contact me is via linked in

No, UPilot is not for sale.

No, I do not want the outsourced agencies in ukraine. I am polite, did not mark your email as spam. I love sales people too much.

No, we are not selling access to the drugsupdate database either.

We can chat about your start up, I love entrepreneurs. But do not tell me you have started coding already! Do not do that! sell, find the paying customer before you write the first line of code! I can teach you how.

Happy to connect if you are a pilot and want to fly sharing costs in France, Mauritius, California ( In fact, met many in France and two pilots in Florida who were super happy with this idea)

Healthcare, Neuroscience, Sales, and Marketing are my current focus.

I measure the time taken to brush my teeth so I can fit in one more book to read so hit me with the “ASK” on top.


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89100 Malay le Grand – France


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