Passion – at the intersection of curiosities

Passion lies at the intersection of 3 or more curiosities. Identifying problems in the world that can be solved by your passion leads to purpose. Purpose drives motivation and gives meaning to life. How do we ensure kids develop and… Continue Reading →

Bullish on France

France is a country where I go to relax and recharge. Mostly end of the year, like in 2017. It is my 2nd home. I am bullish on the future of France maintaining leadership in world political and economic stage…. Continue Reading →

Handling fears at 3 years old

When I was a child, whenever I visited my grandparents, we went to a bath in springs in a village in India. On one of those trips, an older boy pushed me into one of the water sources, which at that… Continue Reading →

Moon Halo Effect

Yesterday night, we witnessed the moon halo effect. We tried the beach and the mountain to see where do we get the best shot. The best shot was from the garden. From “Halos around the sun or moon happen… Continue Reading →

Going home to Mauritius

I am the counting days remaining when I will take the plane and go to my 2nd home…18 more days to go! waking up to see beautiful mountains and beach from the bed, which I had been doing for last… Continue Reading →

Where am I from? Where do I feel like I am from?

Bernadette Jiva invited me to join her slack group today. Something she promised she would do for pre-ordering her book Hunch. Once I Joined, I saw a lof of people introducing themselves starting with where they are from. Where do… Continue Reading →

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