How does work become fun?

If work feels like fun – then it is not work.  Work that you are highly skilled at feels like fun.  Skills are acquired via effort (hard work) + cycles of feedback.  Acquiring skills, therefore, is the only hard work.  Applying skills… Continue Reading →

Framework for thinking

One significant aspect of managing people is that task-oriented people need to improve in strategic thinking. The problem with task-oriented people is they are good soldiers but awful managers and hence cannot be given important responsibilities; they will keep going… Continue Reading →

Turning energy from upset to creativity

Once we started building out a sales team, we were looking for tools for them to make calls. A few key categories in this area are sales enablement and revenue intelligence. We decided to try out outreach, outplay and engage… Continue Reading →

Modeling decisions

Modeling decisions: Most successful people are learning in real-time, making mistakes they can stomach if a bet goes wrong 100%, and then working hard to change the success probability, which they assume they can. The only thing that changes with… Continue Reading →

Lessons learned watching the kyne west (ye) episode.

Lessons learned watching the kyne west (ye) episode. Do not blame any group for your problems – attack the individual(s) who caused you harm if and when you have the platform. You are just a minor mental health issue away… Continue Reading →

Are we close to WW3?

US President Joe Biden on Thursday warned the world was facing “Armageddon” as Putin may use his atomic arsenal. We are not very close to world war – In my opinion, it is the least probable outcome. Ukraine is slowly… Continue Reading →

Current thinking on the Ukraine war

They say a foolish friend will do the same damage to you as your worst enemy. Ukraine should learn that they are unwelcome in the European Union or NATO; they tired begging on their knees with bullets all over their… Continue Reading →

How to prevent World War 3 – the need for an alternative.

I had sent this to my friends several weeks before the war with Ukraine broke out. Now that it has happened, It may be suitable for people to be reminded that countries, companies, and individuals do not have to pick… Continue Reading →

Third world war is the war for the mind.

Algorithms as weapons: Information warfare. The algorithmic advantage is the business strategy that creates large monopolies, but the same is true for the fight between nations. When countries have equal strengths in conventional war power, a new age war would… Continue Reading →

Born rich and working for big brands.

Born wealthy and or working for big brands are similar because in both cases, you do not know why your mediocre skills are giving you incredible results. As a result, you either develop an inflated ego or guilt of privilege,… Continue Reading →

The human intelligence conundrum.

Humans live towards the end of the intelligence spectrum and at the borderline where adding more intelligence would risk wiping out the entire species. The way to make humans stop fighting and not draw circles and divide themselves into in… Continue Reading →

Here is how I got rid of my migraines.

Here is a sentence that the pharmaceutical industry will hate to hear. Never treat the symptom; find the root cause! I waited for over a month to ensure, my findings are working before writing this blog: I have been suffering… Continue Reading →

UPilot’s bookshelf

I have read a few thousand books so far, and I have this curated list of books, which provided me the lessons, and frameworks I have tried to implement in building UPilot. This list used to be an internal list… Continue Reading →

Taking 100% responsibility: The magic trick that is hard to learn

One of the critical things I had been teaching the kids is to say “everything is my fault” when something goes wrong, but I also told them to feel the “pain” of a mistake or something that goes wrong without… Continue Reading →

History repeats : ICT Act for regulating the use of social media

I was asked to give my opinion on the Consultation Paper on proposed amendments to the ICT Act for regulating the use of social media introduced by the Mauritius government. The problem with advise is that it is like handing… Continue Reading →

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