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Why the “Robbinghood” moment in B2B might come from browser plugins!

Why the “Robbinghood” moment in B2B might come from browser plugins! I was “mildly” upset with the Robinhood guys for stealing customer data and misrepresenting how they make money. Why mildly upset? Because I used to think that if someone… Continue Reading →

My struggles in building UPilot.

I had just sold my first business and decided to build the 2nd company which was in healthcare and I had thought has the potential to be a $100M company. I was sitting down with a lab technician from a… Continue Reading →

Why aliens do not visit humans!

In 1632, Galileo published a book that stated, among other things, that the heliocentric theory of Copernicus was correct. Galileo was called before the Inquisition, and this time was found guilty of heresy. Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment in… Continue Reading →

UPilot Master Plan – just between you and me.

The initial product of UPilot is a Sales CRM positioned as a viable alternative for companies that want to upgrade to a reasonably priced role-based access solution to scale their sales organization and get excellent forecasts. It packages the enterprise… Continue Reading →

Coaching the coachable

Going from the state of unconscious incompetence to effortless competence requires a set of 3 traits that makes the transition possible. The absence of any one of those three means that you are trying to coach the uncoachable. This results… Continue Reading →

The Discipline of Market Leaders

#weekendreading When customers make a purchase decision, they usually put all the information into three boxes, operational aspects like price and durability, product features, and if the offering will fulfill their needs or not. A company to attain market leadership… Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Ambition, Motivation and Drive.

Highly ambitious, highly motivated, driven – I keep seeing these words used in almost all CVs I receive for a review. Recently I saw a candidate who had all 3 written on it – I casually asked what is ambition, what… Continue Reading →

The future of software

A few years from now, there will be an explosion of companies that will provide SaaS solutions, what China did to products is what India will do to SaaS products. There will be a “me too, but cheap” software will… Continue Reading →

Extreme ownership

I started listening to this book while going out for my morning and evening jogs. It made me reflect that there are times when my lower brain kicks in and I get defensive once in a while. Of course, now… Continue Reading →

Design is the solution

A Product is something we build to achieve an outcome. But there is something bigger that can be done using a product – Alter human behaviors to make their own lives better. It can either start as an outcome you… Continue Reading →

How to build a GEM? Think EGM

To build a GEM – Implement it as EGM I will explain what I mean: When we look at products or companies or brands that break out and grows, three ingredients are common. Unprompted user engagement – User Growth and… Continue Reading →

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