A different way to look at privacy

When it comes to the topic of privacy, If you are the type of person who thinks, “I have nothing to hide” ” I do not mind sharing data for better services” it can be a good idea to read… Continue Reading →

Has Apple Changed?

Apple is doing a lot of things that are making users lose trust in the brand. It started with news that Apple had given screen access to Uber to track it’s users even when they are no longer using the… Continue Reading →

What should Facebook do

I had predicted earlier that Facebook would come under fire this year for inadvertently becoming the tool used to hack democracy. –(link). So this is what I think Facebook should do: Give a choice for people who do not want… Continue Reading →

The future of software

A few years from now, there will be an explosion of companies that will provide SaaS solutions, what China did to products is what India will do to SaaS products. There will be a “me too, but cheap” software will… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin might be doing a big disservice to blockchain technology

I had written an article about bitcoin, about a year ago, saying it is worth holding some of it with the understanding that it is a volatile asset. There is a change in that belief. Being unrealistic about how long… Continue Reading →

AI will make nuclear power obsolete

I had mentioned that data is the new uranium and the next arms race will be in the area of AI. If you can project it a little more, AI-driven micro-drones will be more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Here is… Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s kodak moment

It did not make such a big news as it should have, but within it lies the small glimpse of the future of Microsoft in the long run. Unless it comes back with a vengeance on mobile. This shows how… Continue Reading →

Horsepower and AlphaGo Zero

Lee Sedol was born on 2 March 1983 Turned pro in – 1995 He had 21 + years of learning and experience by March 2016 – played against Alpha Go and lost 4 out of 5 matches. Alpha go is… Continue Reading →

My thoughts on what twitter should do

Twitter’s announcement today echoes an article I wrote a few months ago. Achieving continuous product market fit requires letting go of the very thing that made us successful in the first place. Somehow it feels wrong, but that is the… Continue Reading →

Why Apple is buying Beats

The music ownership model is dead. If anyone thinks Apple is buying Beats at a 3B valuation (officially not announced yet) to sell more hardware, it could not be further from the truth. It’s true that Beats has more than… Continue Reading →

Explaining the Internet of Things to a Gen X audience

I was recently faced with the challenge of explaining how everything in the future will be “smart” and how vast amounts of data will be created by the Internet of Things.   Finally, I have put together a video that… Continue Reading →

The Year of Big Data?

Several 100+ million Dollar investments this year into Big Data and Cloud solutions, and we are only in April 2014! There is no doubt the Big Data is going to change everything as we know today. “By 2025 the Second (digital) Economy… Continue Reading →

3 things that are creating the environment for Big Data to impact healthcare in India

The Healthcare sector in India is ripe for an Airtel like impact where telecommunication saw its penetration to levels never imagined before and reached 100s of millions of people with 875 Million mobile phones in use as compared to 29… Continue Reading →

Understanding Social Media for Marketing your Business

  I wanted to write an article as short as possible but give you a quick idea on what each social media network is about and how you can use it for your business. Here is the result:

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