Kevin Kelly + Marc Andreessen – Being optimistic about the future

  This is a very rough transcript of a discussion between that I did for personal use, sharing it here in case anyone finds it useful   You can watch the amazing episode here :       KK   … Continue Reading →

Single player game

I used to think if you are intelligent, life is a bit depressing. You are continually trying to be better, and base reality is a bit boring. Add to it the cognitive distortions, life would lean towards depression if you… Continue Reading →

The mind-body tango

Lessons from Joe Dispenza: There are two modes to live in Survival mode / Creation mode. Being in creation mode requires constant change. Sticking to known patterns feels familiar and we misunderstand it to feeling right. Going from the old… Continue Reading →

Living to 600 with the health of a 20 year old.

According to Ray kurzweil, humanity is close of achieving longevity escape velocity, meaning for every year a human is alive, science will be able to keep him or her alive for one more year, which means humans will be technically… Continue Reading →

Spindle neurons and emotional freedom

It was my son’s 4th birthday, and we had invited his friends home for celebrations. There was one particular kid ( Same age as my son) that caught my attention; he was overly emotional, thrilled when he did some games… Continue Reading →

My predictions for 2018

Companies: Amazon will come under attack by governments. It is using the brand to expand into more and more domains and leveraging AI expertise to win. People will start to see through the unfair advantage they have in an AI-driven… Continue Reading →

Handling fears at 3 years old

When I was a child, whenever I visited my grandparents, we went to a bath in springs in a village in India. On one of those trips, an older boy pushed me into one of the water sources, which at that… Continue Reading →

Playlist : Simpler Times

Tony Robbins says stress is the achiever’s word for fear. And he is right. Here is a simple hack I have found to get back to your zone instantly. Listen to songs when times were simpler. This is why I… Continue Reading →

Hello Special Snowflake

Chinstrap penguins travel up to 80km every day looking for food. The hardest part is getting the food to the ice-free rim at the top of a giant volcano called deception island. Steep beach with a powerful undertow then a… Continue Reading →

Teaching disability?

What I noticed is that my two sons each have different ways of learning. One jumps into doing and learns on the way, making mistakes and making corrections – pretty much like me, and the other requires much more preparation,… Continue Reading →

A peek into the future of medicine

There is a slew of new innovations that is happening in healthcare that will radically change the future of medicine.  One way to have a view on the impact that is about to happen is to see what innovations are… Continue Reading →

All the buzz about Pfizer and “strategic” yoghurt

The top Pharmaceutical company in the world is J&J with sales of 71 Billion followed by Pfizer at 52B in sales. Pfizer was bidding for the 8th largest AstraZeneca with 26 Billion in revenue. What is interesting to see is… Continue Reading →

3 things that are creating the environment for Big Data to impact healthcare in India

The Healthcare sector in India is ripe for an Airtel like impact where telecommunication saw its penetration to levels never imagined before and reached 100s of millions of people with 875 Million mobile phones in use as compared to 29… Continue Reading →

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