Ideas are more dangerous than Missiles.

I met yesterday morning with a good friend who dreams of an excellent future for Mauritius. He asked me how we unify people behind ideas when so many ideas are floating around, and false flags are planted to misdirect and… Continue Reading →

Lessons learned watching the kyne west (ye) episode.

Lessons learned watching the kyne west (ye) episode. Do not blame any group for your problems – attack the individual(s) who caused you harm if and when you have the platform. You are just a minor mental health issue away… Continue Reading →

Are we close to WW3?

US President Joe Biden on Thursday warned the world was facing “Armageddon” as Putin may use his atomic arsenal. We are not very close to world war – In my opinion, it is the least probable outcome. Ukraine is slowly… Continue Reading →

How to prevent World War 3 – the need for an alternative.

I had sent this to my friends several weeks before the war with Ukraine broke out. Now that it has happened, It may be suitable for people to be reminded that countries, companies, and individuals do not have to pick… Continue Reading →

Born rich and working for big brands.

Born wealthy and or working for big brands are similar because in both cases, you do not know why your mediocre skills are giving you incredible results. As a result, you either develop an inflated ego or guilt of privilege,… Continue Reading →

Master the “mind stack” called life

This blog is a result of my first collaboration with a dear friend. I discussed with my friend where we compared notes about our inner journeys and discoveries, which ended up in stitching together what I call “mind stack”. Meditation… Continue Reading →

The human intelligence conundrum.

Humans live towards the end of the intelligence spectrum and at the borderline where adding more intelligence would risk wiping out the entire species. The way to make humans stop fighting and not draw circles and divide themselves into in… Continue Reading →

My thoughts on nurturing entrepreneurship

Let’s find a few entrepreneurs who have a dream but not the means to do an MVP and coach them to build their product and scale their business. This was my idea. I did run this idea and ran it… Continue Reading →

My views on Dogecoin

Recently I was invited to give a session on blockchain by the Rotary club, and it was a great experience. I was pretty impressed by the number of people who turned up and stayed until the end and asked many… Continue Reading →

lockdown 2.0 in Mauritius

Mr. San, There is a full lockdown starting from tomorrow. I was on a call with my team when I muted and took the call. It was from the local police station. Mr. San, you can go this the Facebook… Continue Reading →

Conversation with a soldier about PTSD

This meeting happened just before Mauritius went on lockdown, and we met a couple living in London from different countries. The guy was in the army of his country and was previously deployed in Afghanistan. We were having dinner when… Continue Reading →

A web of lies

I had been following the GameStop episode and saw this article on Forbes today. The article went on even to use the word “market manipulation by retailers.” It had me thinking, “surely the author is eager to show off his… Continue Reading →

Learning as play, playing to learn.

We can all learn skills. It is also incredibly hard or enjoyable based on how you see learning as fun or as work. I have been researching this topic for many years, especially Talent – which I think can be… Continue Reading →

Once in a blue moon & New resolution- November 2020

These are two blog posts, combined to one – for no real reason Something is happening inside Twitter, and something is being done to Jack. This is what I am thinking. Any player can be removed from the chessboard in… Continue Reading →

Why oracle’s move to buy, tick-tock is a bad idea

Oracle is the 2nd largest software company that largely escaped the scrutiny on the amount of data they have on people, which is probably more than Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook combined! They just escaped it by being perceived as… Continue Reading →

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