Why oracle’s move to buy, tick-tock is a bad idea

Oracle is the 2nd largest software company that largely escaped the scrutiny on the amount of data they have on people, which is probably more than Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook combined! They just escaped it by being perceived as… Continue Reading →

Passion – at the intersection of curiosities

Passion lies at the intersection of 3 or more curiosities. Identifying problems in the world that can be solved by your passion leads to purpose. Purpose drives motivation and gives meaning to life. How do we ensure kids develop and… Continue Reading →

Why Latin is still used in medicine

This was the question I had in my mind. I am trying to grasp the different parts of the prefrontal cortex. Everything seems logical – the medial (mid-sections) regions are more self-focused while the lateral ( side) parts are more… Continue Reading →

Excuses Distractions and Problems

Imagine if life was a video game where you are trying to go from one level to another. The game has three aspects that slow you down. There are small and big shiny bottles with energy drink written on it…. Continue Reading →

Ready Player One – book review

#weekendreading This weekend I gave myself a break from reading business books and read the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Have you have ever had a lovely dream and woke up and wanted to go back to the… Continue Reading →

The mind-body tango

Lessons from Joe Dispenza: There are two modes to live in Survival mode / Creation mode. Being in creation mode requires constant change. Sticking to known patterns feels familiar and we misunderstand it to feeling right. Going from the old… Continue Reading →

A different way to look at privacy

When it comes to the topic of privacy, If you are the type of person who thinks, “I have nothing to hide” ” I do not mind sharing data for better services” it can be a good idea to read… Continue Reading →

What affects you

One easy way to realize what stage in life someone is at is what upsets that person. As you learn about human beings and yourself, acquire more mind tools, the list becomes smaller and smaller. Up until 2017 what affected… Continue Reading →

Better alternative to Elon’s rating system

Last week I wrote about how significant improvement was the proposed Journalist rating system is to improve news in general. Upon further reflection, I think the rating system is not going to solve anything only create more confusion, and we… Continue Reading →

Fate – What is leadership?

In Greek and Roman mythology the three goddesses who preside over the birth and life of humans. Each person was thought of as a spindle, around which the three Fates (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos) would spin the thread of human… Continue Reading →

Lessons from – Jim Kwik

It is not how smart you are but how are you smart . – Jim kwik If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower – Jim Kwik Most of us are taught what to learn, but none of us are… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin might be doing a big disservice to blockchain technology

I had written an article about bitcoin, about a year ago, saying it is worth holding some of it with the understanding that it is a volatile asset. There is a change in that belief. Being unrealistic about how long… Continue Reading →

Handling fears at 3 years old

When I was a child, whenever I visited my grandparents, we went to a bath in springs in a village in India. On one of those trips, an older boy pushed me into one of the water sources, which at that… Continue Reading →

AI will make nuclear power obsolete

I had mentioned that data is the new uranium and the next arms race will be in the area of AI. If you can project it a little more, AI-driven micro-drones will be more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Here is… Continue Reading →

Moon Halo Effect

Yesterday night, we witnessed the moon halo effect. We tried the beach and the mountain to see where do we get the best shot. The best shot was from the garden. From “Halos around the sun or moon happen… Continue Reading →

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