Competition is for losers – My thoughts on Elon Musk’s strategy

A founder must always aim to achieve a monopoly. It may not be achieved but is undoubtedly a goal that fine-tunes business strategy. The best way to do it is to talk about lofty goals that competitors will think is… Continue Reading →

Covid 19 – why the USA is heading for a disaster

I have been monitoring the air traffic over various regions, and I firmly believe the US is going to have it worse than Africa. Lack of leadership, coupled with a significant crisis, is a clear sign of a declining empire…. Continue Reading →

Lessons from – Jim Kwik

It is not how smart you are but how are you smart . – Jim kwik If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower – Jim Kwik Most of us are taught what to learn, but none of us are… Continue Reading →

Falcon heavy and Tesla

We watched the launch of falcon heavy live yesterday night. It was too historic a moment to miss! Falcon Heavy will remain in this orbit for thousands of years with the Tesla car. It is incredible to see what someone… Continue Reading →

A taste of automation

My recent visit to Paris gave a glimpse of automation slowly taking over more and more jobs in airports:   Automated border control:         Automated luggage check-in         Automated boarding check-in      … Continue Reading →

Mayday: Landing after engine failure

What do you say to death staring at you? – Not today, today we will just park this plane somewhere. That is exactly what we did. No, Just joking! We were scared. No matter how many times you practice, the… Continue Reading →

City to City travel by Rockets

Three weeks ago, we heard from Elon Musk about plans for the city to city travel using rockets. I wrote an article 6 months ago that this is going to happen and rockets will disrupt the entire first and business… Continue Reading →

Going home to Mauritius

I am the counting days remaining when I will take the plane and go to my 2nd home…18 more days to go! waking up to see beautiful mountains and beach from the bed, which I had been doing for last… Continue Reading →

My Business Lessons from Flying

1. Checklists: From the moment you sit in the plane to the time you leave it, checklists are absolutely necessary to be sure that everything is working in the way it is supposed to. Some checklists you have to go… Continue Reading →

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