Here is a quote that could summarise my mission.

Be ashamed to die before you have scored some victory for humanity.

― Horace Mann


My mission is to improve the quality of life towards the end of life.

Here is how it came about: 

I have several friends that are old, One of them who was dear to me died this year. 

He was the one from whom I learned a lot watching him live his life, run his business. So he was one of my real-life models. 

He left behind a considerably vast wealth, including a castle in France. 

During the last years, I visited him almost every year, his spirit to live was the strongest I have seen, but the body was not keeping up, the last 6/7 years were years of incredible pain and suffering. All the wealth he had accumulated was looking meaningless at that point. 

I also learned that we should not create wealth to pass it on to our children beyond a limit. Prepare the child for the road and not the road for the child. If you do not understand what I mean, go and play a video game where you can gain coins by playing, or you can buy coins and by the unlimited coins option if you can. 

Suddenly the game becomes super dull. The one that was a challenge, in the beginning, you are going up to level by level, reflecting and coming back getting better at it, that is the human condition, the quest for the goal is the game of life, the goal is just bate.

My goal put is to bring together all the available technology and emerging knowledge in all areas from physics to medicine to molecular biology and genetic engineering in the service of giving an active and dignified life for the poor and wealthy, during the end of life phase, find a solution and open-source it or make it free. 

The project could result in the fact that it might be able to extend life, as well.

These kinds of goals require that you buy an entry ticket, and the ticket prices are often significant. I have built and sold a company before, so I took on a mission to build a company that has $1Billion annual revenue with a little capital as possible to be able to divert the profits to my purpose.