Learning as play, playing to learn.

We can all learn skills. It is also incredibly hard or enjoyable based on how you see learning as fun or as work. I have been researching this topic for many years, especially Talent – which I think can be… Continue Reading →

If money was a natural phenomenon

My youngest son, who is 6, wants to the French president when he grows up. I told him, being born in Paris, he can have that ambition. This made my first son feel a bit sad. He said, hmm, I… Continue Reading →

The growing craftsman mindset!

Responsibility is never given, it is taken. I have had the privilege to have employed 100s of people in my companies combined, which often means I come across them again and sometimes re-engage with some of them. I am proud… Continue Reading →

Feeling like Nemo! My Visionary / Integrator Score

When someone asks you a question, “what book do you recommend me to read?”, first ask the question – “What are you struggling with?” The books you read to find answers to the struggles you have in life stick better… Continue Reading →

Once in a blue moon & New resolution- November 2020

These are two blog posts, combined to one – for no real reason Something is happening inside Twitter, and something is being done to Jack. This is what I am thinking. Any player can be removed from the chessboard in… Continue Reading →

Mixing friendship and business

Friendships give us a high and often the source of disappointment. What is the purpose of friendship? 1) Networking – help each other with their abilities to do things hard to do alone. 2) Reassurance – helping to realize that… Continue Reading →

Why oracle’s move to buy, tick-tock is a bad idea

Oracle is the 2nd largest software company that largely escaped the scrutiny on the amount of data they have on people, which is probably more than Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook combined! They just escaped it by being perceived as… Continue Reading →

Competition is for losers – My thoughts on Elon Musk’s strategy

A founder must always aim to achieve a monopoly. It may not be achieved but is undoubtedly a goal that fine-tunes business strategy. The best way to do it is to talk about lofty goals that competitors will think is… Continue Reading →

Will there be another depression soon?

Will we be going through another economic depression soon? Early humans laid down on their back and looked up at the starry night and thought these are tiny holes on our dome through which we could see the heavens. Those… Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Guilt and Shame

Human babies are born without any spindle nerves. Spindle cells have exotic structures and patterns of connection. Humans have only about 80,000 out of 10Billion neurons. They start appearing in a baby at about four months and develop over 2/3… Continue Reading →

UPilot Master Plan – just between you and me.

The initial product of UPilot is a Sales CRM positioned as a viable alternative for companies that want to upgrade to a reasonably priced role-based access solution to scale their sales organization and get excellent forecasts. It packages the enterprise… Continue Reading →

Growth and Nature..

Imagine you are climbing up a ramp, now imagine the ramp is made of a treadmill carpet that is slowly sliding back – at the same pace that you can walk at an average speed. So if you keep walking,… Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Narrative: Identities, Beliefs, and Thoughts.

Sometimes when we sleep, we dream. It happens in a stage of sleep architecture called the REM stage. My thinking is that when you wake up, you wake up into a collective dream of your family, village, town, country, and… Continue Reading →

We are putting GDP ahead of our lives.

Plato predicted that democracy would lead to nations that are governed by bullies and brutes. Given a choice, people will always elect the seller of candies and avoid the dentist. In Mauritius, where I am now for a few months,… Continue Reading →

AR and VR progress – Mixed Reality Standalone

Whenever there is a considerable improvement in AR / VR that will make user adoption a bit more closer to reality, it is an exciting moment in the evolution of the technology. I believed mixed reality is what is going… Continue Reading →

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