AR and VR progress – Mixed Reality Standalone

Whenever there is a considerable improvement in AR / VR that will make user adoption a bit more closer to reality, it is an exciting moment in the evolution of the technology. I believed mixed reality is what is going… Continue Reading →

Deconstructing Ambition, Motivation and Drive.

Highly ambitious, highly motivated, driven – I keep seeing these words used in almost all CVs I receive for a review. Recently I saw a candidate who had all 3 written on it – I casually asked what is ambition, what… Continue Reading →

Why I think Elon Musk is doing a service to humanity with his rating system

Human beings are fragile; they are affected by everything. The warmth or coldness of the cup you are holding, the ambient light, music, the tone of voice, a small change in facial expression, everything affects the narrative going on in… Continue Reading →

The Era of Deconstruction – My tribute to The Runaway Species

I keep a list of things that used to be “soft” and mysterious, and now we have peered under the hood and removed the “magic” of these things. The list is growing every month. What blows my mind is the speed… Continue Reading →

The future of software

A few years from now, there will be an explosion of companies that will provide SaaS solutions, what China did to products is what India will do to SaaS products. There will be a “me too, but cheap” software will… Continue Reading →

Falcon heavy and Tesla

We watched the launch of falcon heavy live yesterday night. It was too historic a moment to miss! Falcon Heavy will remain in this orbit for thousands of years with the Tesla car. It is incredible to see what someone… Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s kodak moment

It did not make such a big news as it should have, but within it lies the small glimpse of the future of Microsoft in the long run. Unless it comes back with a vengeance on mobile. This shows how… Continue Reading →

Design is the solution

A Product is something we build to achieve an outcome. But there is something bigger that can be done using a product – Alter human behaviors to make their own lives better. It can either start as an outcome you… Continue Reading →

How to build a GEM? Think EGM

To build a GEM – Implement it as EGM I will explain what I mean: When we look at products or companies or brands that break out and grows, three ingredients are common. Unprompted user engagement – User Growth and… Continue Reading →

Scale yourself first – or step aside

Everyone is in a hurry, hurry to make money, hurry to capture market share, hurry to see ROI. The consequences of scaling your company faster than scaling yourself is what we see when people like Parker, Travis, etc. are kicked… Continue Reading →

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