How does work become fun?

If work feels like fun – then it is not work.  Work that you are highly skilled at feels like fun.  Skills are acquired via effort (hard work) + cycles of feedback.  Acquiring skills, therefore, is the only hard work.  Applying skills… Continue Reading →

Framework for thinking

One significant aspect of managing people is that task-oriented people need to improve in strategic thinking. The problem with task-oriented people is they are good soldiers but awful managers and hence cannot be given important responsibilities; they will keep going… Continue Reading →

Ideas are more dangerous than Missiles.

I met yesterday morning with a good friend who dreams of an excellent future for Mauritius. He asked me how we unify people behind ideas when so many ideas are floating around, and false flags are planted to misdirect and… Continue Reading →

Turning energy from upset to creativity

Once we started building out a sales team, we were looking for tools for them to make calls. A few key categories in this area are sales enablement and revenue intelligence. We decided to try out outreach, outplay and engage… Continue Reading →

bad weather?

The icy grip of winter has descended upon Austin, has it not? I have received a delightful photograph from my dear son, basking in the warm glow of the sun in Mauritius. Truly, that tropical paradise is the perfect location… Continue Reading →

Master the “mind stack” called life

This blog is a result of my first collaboration with a dear friend. I discussed with my friend where we compared notes about our inner journeys and discoveries, which ended up in stitching together what I call “mind stack”. Meditation… Continue Reading →

The human intelligence conundrum.

Humans live towards the end of the intelligence spectrum and at the borderline where adding more intelligence would risk wiping out the entire species. The way to make humans stop fighting and not draw circles and divide themselves into in… Continue Reading →

Atoms or Bits? – high amounts of bits and lower amounts of atoms

You can either play with bits or atoms, or you can play with both. The winners will be those who combine the bits and atoms, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, etc. Those who play only with atoms will eventually hand… Continue Reading →

2021 starts with a Podcast on the journey so far..

Human beings are clones. Ninety-nine percent of our DNA is identical. 70-80% of which are instructions to build the brain. Still, most of us do not have a single unique thought that has not occurred before in another brain. So… Continue Reading →

Learning as play, playing to learn.

We can all learn skills. It is also incredibly hard or enjoyable based on how you see learning as fun or as work. I have been researching this topic for many years, especially Talent – which I think can be… Continue Reading →

If money was a natural phenomenon

My youngest son, who is 6, wants to the French president when he grows up. I told him, being born in Paris, he can have that ambition. This made my first son feel a bit sad. He said, hmm, I… Continue Reading →

The growing craftsman mindset!

Responsibility is never given, it is taken. I have had the privilege to have employed 100s of people in my companies combined, which often means I come across them again and sometimes re-engage with some of them. I am proud… Continue Reading →

6 things as powerful as meditation

I have tried meditation, and it is powerful, but there are few things even more powerful and reduces the amount of time you need to meditate. 1. Having a trust-based and kind relationships with everyone, especially with your partner. 2…. Continue Reading →

Variable x and Rainbows

As our circle of knowledge grows, so does the circumference of ignorance. Very few are comfortable with vast areas of unknown left open. So Humans tend to fill regions of ignorance with either God or philosophy. You will see that… Continue Reading →

Mixing friendship and business

Friendships give us a high and often the source of disappointment. What is the purpose of friendship? 1) Networking – help each other with their abilities to do things hard to do alone. 2) Reassurance – helping to realize that… Continue Reading →

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