The life matrix : solved?

You might be a small group who know me reading this article. Many others await the validation and sign of success that will follow in a few years. So thank you for your time and attention.

Here is a blanket gifted by team UPilot to Aurelie. I am blessed to be able to, given the ambition to build a Billion dollar company, and the journey is a fantastic roller coaster ride that I would not trade for anything else.

I skipped writing the “who am I” page last year – not because there was nothing to write – but because the change was so rapid that I kept putting it off, and boom – another year had gone.

There were about 20 key insights this year, many small and many big ones, and I will share a few here:

Inspiration and laziness.

One critical insight was that this world has nothing good or bad. It is a proper mix of two forces needed to shape our reality. Take a typical day, for example; it is generally a mix. There are moments of inspiration, and then there are times you are not inspired and feel the need to wander.

The key is to catch all the moments of inspiration, just like I did to write this blog, and act on them and let the mind wander and rest without guilt when it has to.

Negative and positive energy:

There is negative energy as well as positive energy within you. Imagine your mind as a tea infuser that holds tea. If you let the tea leaves come out, the tea becomes undrinkable – this is the negative energy. It is not useless, you can use it as fuel to build your body and exercise hard when you do not feel like it, so the power to develop your inner world comes from the negative parts. The power to create the external world around you comes from not letting the tea leaves spill out.

Vision and hammer

As a business leader, it is essential to have a vision for your company. But to turn that vision into a reality, you must also be willing to wield a large hammer when necessary. If you handle things too softly, you cannot shape the future you envision. But if you drive things too harshly, without a clear vision and good intentions, you risk causing harm to those around you. To truly create meaningful change and disrupt your industry. Decide to be soft and woke, and you end up disrupting nothing.

Happiness and Upset

Holding on to the point of view can be stubborn, can it not? It often upsets us, especially when we encounter something that challenges our beliefs. But oh, how delightful it is when we see the situation from a funnier perspective and find ourselves laughing! It’s a reminder that nothing has changed, only our perspective. And isn’t it interesting how laughter and upset both have their roots in the state of our minds? Solid and stuck on a single point of view, or fluid and able to see multiple perspectives simultaneously. It’s a fascinating puzzle.

Creation and Destruction

No child is born without the mother bearing pain. The act of creation is also an act of violence. Even the creation of inner peace is an act of violence against the nature of the human mind to slide into sadness and melancholy if you let it.

Going fast vs slow

When you Act without fear and hesitation, it increases the speed toward your goals. Fear and hesitation act as a break.

Acting with confidence and clarity allows you to make decisions and take action with conviction, rather than second-guessing yourself or getting bogged down by negative emotions.

On the other hand, when you let fear and indecision control your actions, you may hesitate or avoid taking risks or making decisions altogether, which can hold you back from achieving your goals.

The two matrixes

There are two matrixes, one natural, majestic and violent, and one made by men, made of narratives and creativity. False narratives come from evil intentions, and the show is seldom spectacular compared to the show on by nature. The matrix made by humans with the best intentions will also have violence, but it will result in something majestic.

The biggest decision in life : Is your decision on what problem will you solve with your life, rest all falls in place based on this one decision.

Ok so one big pattern to share :

Everyone’s life will become either a warning or an example. At a smaller scale, this reflects in every small project, every tiny decision, and action you take or do not take.

Another dimension to this is that you either become a player in the simulation or a spectator.

I drew up this simple 2*2 metric: ( I will update this at some point)

Location on the X axis – determines if you will become a warning or an example.

So ego forces ( selfishness, fear, jealousy etc) pull you towards the left, and forces and intentions of gratitude pull you towards the right.

You can strengthen the positive forces through meditation and proximity to positive people.

On the y-axis is if you will become a spectator or a player in the game of life

How high you go on the Y axis is determined by your knowledge – if you have conceptual clarity on 2000 plus concepts, you will have superior thoughts and ideas to 99% of the population.

However, intellectual superiority does not mean you will have a voice, or you will have any significant impact.

Which, however, is determined by two other factors – the ability to execute and leverage.

The ability to execute is often a delicate power dance between pushing and pulling, managing and motivating, inspiring and being tough simultaneously; without this, intellectual superiority goes wasted.

Next is leverage – you need capital, network, and other forms of power – which is becoming easier to access but still more complex than you imagine.

There is no moral obligation to aim high and want to be a player – but if you do, this is the formula, and there is a price to pay. We do not have a choice here either – the default is being a spectator.

There is no moral obligation to want to be an example either – however we really do not have a choice.

You may be superior in intellect – but you must surpass the capability of execution to be heard and have an extraordinary impact in life.