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The future of software

A few years from now, there will be an explosion of companies that will provide SaaS solutions, what China did to products is what India will do to SaaS products. There will be a “me too, but cheap” software will… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intuition?

I sat down for a late breakfast with my friend Debashish yesterday, and naturally, the discussions veered slowly towards AI. The subject was which feature in our product should we AI enable? I came up with some ideas. After a… Continue Reading →

Marc Andreessen with Charles Koch

When Marc Andreessen interviews Charles Koch, it is a good idea to listen. If you are keen to dig into the mind of Charles Koch, chairman, and CEO of Koch Industries with over $100B in revenue, here is a link… Continue Reading →

Spindle neurons and emotional freedom

It was my son’s 4th birthday, and we had invited his friends home for celebrations. There was one particular kid ( Same age as my son) that caught my attention; he was overly emotional, thrilled when he did some games… Continue Reading →

Falcon heavy and Tesla

We watched the launch of falcon heavy live yesterday night. It was too historic a moment to miss! Falcon Heavy will remain in this orbit for thousands of years with the Tesla car. It is incredible to see what someone… Continue Reading →

My predictions for 2018

Companies: Amazon will come under attack by governments. It is using the brand to expand into more and more domains and leveraging AI expertise to win. People will start to see through the unfair advantage they have in an AI-driven… Continue Reading →

A taste of automation

My recent visit to Paris gave a glimpse of automation slowly taking over more and more jobs in airports:   Automated border control:         Automated luggage check-in         Automated boarding check-in      … Continue Reading →

Bitcoin might be doing a big disservice to blockchain technology

I had written an article about bitcoin, about a year ago, saying it is worth holding some of it with the understanding that it is a volatile asset. There is a change in that belief. Being unrealistic about how long… Continue Reading →

Handling fears at 3 years old

When I was a child, whenever I visited my grandparents, we went to a bath in springs in a village in India. On one of those trips, an older boy pushed me into one of the water sources, which at that… Continue Reading →

Mayday: Landing after engine failure

What do you say to death staring at you? – Not today, today we will just park this plane somewhere. That is exactly what we did. No, Just joking! We were scared. No matter how many times you practice, the… Continue Reading →

Playlist : Simpler Times

Tony Robbins says stress is the achiever’s word for fear. And he is right. Here is a simple hack I have found to get back to your zone instantly. Listen to songs when times were simpler. This is why I… Continue Reading →

AI will make nuclear power obsolete

I had mentioned that data is the new uranium and the next arms race will be in the area of AI. If you can project it a little more, AI-driven micro-drones will be more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Here is… Continue Reading →

Microsoft’s kodak moment

It did not make such a big news as it should have, but within it lies the small glimpse of the future of Microsoft in the long run. Unless it comes back with a vengeance on mobile. This shows how… Continue Reading →

Moon Halo Effect

Yesterday night, we witnessed the moon halo effect. We tried the beach and the mountain to see where do we get the best shot. The best shot was from the garden. From “Halos around the sun or moon happen… Continue Reading →

Horsepower and AlphaGo Zero

Lee Sedol was born on 2 March 1983 Turned pro in – 1995 He had 21 + years of learning and experience by March 2016 – played against Alpha Go and lost 4 out of 5 matches. Alpha go is… Continue Reading →

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