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City to City travel by Rockets

Three weeks ago, we heard from Elon Musk about plans for the city to city travel using rockets. I wrote an article 6 months ago that this is going to happen and rockets will disrupt the entire first and business… Continue Reading →

A peek under the hood of innovation

Our memories will taint and shape every version of future we imagine. For example, it is impossible to imagine your ideal house without using the memory of aspects of homes or hotels you have gathered from memory. To innovate you… Continue Reading →

Hello Special Snowflake

Chinstrap penguins travel up to 80km every day looking for food. The hardest part is getting the food to the ice-free rim at the top of a giant volcano called deception island. Steep beach with a powerful undertow then a… Continue Reading →

Extreme ownership

I started listening to this book while going out for my morning and evening jogs. It made me reflect that there are times when my lower brain kicks in and I get defensive once in a while. Of course, now… Continue Reading →

History – everything has happened before

Everything that is happening now has happened before. Without going into the theory that we are living in a simulation that is designed to play out a DNA evolution experiment, even in the short history of humans, everything is a… Continue Reading →

My thoughts on what twitter should do

Twitter’s announcement today echoes an article I wrote a few months ago. Achieving continuous product market fit requires letting go of the very thing that made us successful in the first place. Somehow it feels wrong, but that is the… Continue Reading →

Radical transparency and algorithmic decision-making.

Radical transparency and algorithmic decision-making. The secret behind the success of Ray Dalio’s hedge fund that made more money than any other hedge fund in existence! Also, explains why radical transparency is not always easy to achieve. . . .

So in what ways are you mad?

I am impressed by the rate of progress in the last few years we are making, demystifying everything that I found about humans as a mystery, we are in an era where everything is being absorbed and measured, analyzed and… Continue Reading →

Teaching disability?

What I noticed is that my two sons each have different ways of learning. One jumps into doing and learns on the way, making mistakes and making corrections – pretty much like me, and the other requires much more preparation,… Continue Reading →

Success : Part one – In search for significance

What does it take to be rich especially when you are born poor and have no close role models within your family of social circle for wild runaway success? Worst still, when you are an orphan like Larry Ellison, or… Continue Reading →


If you develop an absolute sense of certainty, you can accomplish those things other people are certain are impossible. - Tony Robbins

If you develop an absolute sense of certainty, you can accomplish those things other people are certain are impossible. – Tony Robbins

Attitude Determines Altitude

Start slow, never give up and keep going. This guy is going places with such great belief systems. A bad attitude is like a flat tire; it won’t get you anywhere unless you change it. A positive attitude is like… Continue Reading →

Design is the solution

A Product is something we build to achieve an outcome. But there is something bigger that can be done using a product – Alter human behaviors to make their own lives better. It can either start as an outcome you… Continue Reading →

Boundaries of the mind

I have a great liking for my friend and CTO of UPilot, Srikanth. We make sure we spend time meeting and talking every day. This is by design to ensure we stay aligned with the vision of the company. Too… Continue Reading →

The art of making predictions and getting them wrong!

About a year ago, we were at an Italian restaurant in Palo Alto with our lawyer who is a wise man. We were talking about our kids and other topics the discussions also touched American politics. What is your opinion… Continue Reading →

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