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Scale yourself first – or step aside

Everyone is in a hurry, hurry to make money, hurry to capture market share, hurry to see ROI. The consequences of scaling your company faster than scaling yourself is what we see when people like Parker, Travis, etc. are kicked… Continue Reading →

Having experience is not longer an advantage. It could mean you are an expert of the past.

TEDx talk of my friend Vidia Mooneegan. “Having experience is not longer an advantage. It means you are an expert of the past” – Vidia Mooneegan Here is his TEDx talk: . PS: Yes, the image on top – that… Continue Reading →

I am a fan of Shawn Corey Carter

Jay-Z was inducted the Songwriters Hall of Fame, a historic achievement which marks the first time in history that a rapper has been accepted into the prestigious organization. Here is what Obama, a friend of Jay-Z, had to say about… Continue Reading →

Timeline view of books read this year

I was tinkering this morning with the timeline solution developed by Northwestern University Knight Lab, and started making a timeline of the Men in Men of Mathematics – a book I have been reading. Then I started playing with it… Continue Reading →

Where am I from? Where do I feel like I am from?

Bernadette Jiva invited me to join her slack group today. Something she promised she would do for pre-ordering her book Hunch. Once I Joined, I saw a lof of people introducing themselves starting with where they are from. Where do… Continue Reading →

The Power of Perspective

There are a lot of pictures explaining the power of perspective, the classic glass half empty, half full, boat and land, etc. There are two images however that I have seen in the past few months, that completely changed my… Continue Reading →

The real impact of AI

This used to be a private internal video. The realization that I should share it openly came when I was reading the book from Jay Samit called Disrupt You. If you are buying a Kindle edition – purchase a hardcover… Continue Reading →

What is your question?

Curiosity is a culture you have to consciously build in kids, my way of doing that is leaving a voice message for my son on WhatsApp – what is your question today? Yesterday I got two questions from Ethan, (we… Continue Reading →

Enjoying history

I love history, history of business, nations, people. These days I am reading the history of the men of mathematics, and it is very amusing to me when I string together time timelines of these people. One interesting part: A… Continue Reading →

The customer holds the POWER

I had a missed call recently – I do not answer calls from unknown numbers, so when a text followed it, I was surprised. It said ” San, I am in Bangalore – “name.” I instantly recognized it as our… Continue Reading →

"You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go." - Jim Rohn

“You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go.” – Jim Rohn

Where could VR take off?

Where Could VR take off? We had a little mind jam about this and here is the conclusion: Our reluctance to embrace VR comes from the fear of letting go of the reality that we are born into and got… Continue Reading →

Shah Rukh Khan’s TED talk

When I saw Shah Rukh Khan on Ted, My first thought was what is this guy doing here? Has Ted ran out of people with great ideas etc. Not wanting to judge someone before knowing, I decided to watch it…. Continue Reading →

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Long story!

Masterstrokes of history!

The moment an artist dies, all his works becomes a limited edition. Adam Lindemann, an art collector, and gallery owner says, “art is part of our collective cultural history, and it is forever.” But when Yusaku Maezawa buys a Basquiat… Continue Reading →

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