A Product is something we build to achieve an outcome. But there is something bigger that can be done using a product – Alter human behaviors to make their own lives better.

It can either start as an outcome you want or a problem you are trying to solve.

How do you get people to invite strangers into their homes, how do you get people to summon a stranger and get into his car?

These are behaviors that were forbidden or to be extremely cautious about in the not so recent past.

A lot of similar behavior changes are being achieved in the consumer world by the Airbnbs and Ubers of the world.

There is a multi-trillion opportunity to perform the same in the corporate world.

When it comes to sales, sales people and sales managers have conflicting desires. So much of the reporting work is dreaded by sales people, a lot of boundaries to tear down and a lot of behavior changes to be achieved.

The design is the only solution; Design induces behavior and attitude changes in people.

Richard H Thaler defines nudge as ” is some small feature of the environment, which attracts our attention and alters our behavior.”

William Lidwell brings together a host of design principles – which is like an arsenal of weapons to play with, cautions us to avoid feature creep and not to build a bridge so strong that it falls under its weight.

Emanuel Rosen and John Jantsch gives away the building blocks or buzz and referrals.

Once built, riding the “problem wave” is key too as well. All elements are out there, scattered in bits and pieces. Waiting to be picked up, mixed and build.

How do we stitch together a sequence of design elements to string together a series of nudges, trust infusions, triggers, variable rewards in the right way to make what people cringe to do to something enjoyable and even addictive?

How do you bring radical behavior change in the corporate world? It all starts with internal triggers – understanding deep rooted needs, desires and fears and bringing design solution to bring on behavior changes.

What an incredible puzzle to solve!