Everyone is in a hurry, hurry to make money, hurry to capture market share, hurry to see ROI.

The consequences of scaling your company faster than scaling yourself is what we see when people like Parker, Travis, etc. are kicked out of their businesses.

In my opinion taking on enormous challenges with grand vision is good for only two reasons.

A) You can accommodate the ambitions of several ambitious, hardworking people.

B) It gives an opportunity to grow by exposing your weaknesses and wrong assumptions, learning vital lessons, readjust priorities, confronting your own biases, etc.

Unfortunately, part B is not exponential and takes time. Staying humble and saying to the self that ” I have no fuc*ing idea how I am going build a company of this magnitude, but I will find a way, be humble about my mistakes, be sensitive to my own biases and realize I will make mistakes and have tons of learning.”

And when I reach a real roadblock and cannot break through, I would gently step aside to let someone else show me the way.
There is nothing glorious in the titles, or who gets to make decisions. Who gets to keep the profits is the real boss – is it not the real lesson as well from these people being kicked out?

Every mission is a spiritual journey towards who you will end up becoming. Not how much money you will make. No one has ever taken a cent to the other world.

I do not plan to stay on as CEO should my company scale beyond my limits. A roadblock I just cannot handle or a gentle tap on my shoulder by one of my advisors, it is time, and I will bring someone who will show me the way.

The only obstacle stopping you from scaling and completing the mountain is yourself!