Born wealthy and or working for big brands are similar because in both cases, you do not know why your mediocre skills are giving you incredible results.

As a result, you either develop an inflated ego or guilt of privilege, often coupled with the fear of losing it all.

Spartans sent their kids to agōgē when they were ten, where they were punished with lashes, starved, and trained to be very tough and suffer without complaints. Future kings like Leonidas, who was the uncle and teacher of Alexander the Great, emerged from agōgē

Those who build their muscles the hard way are naturally humble, which is why founder CEOs seem to be humble. Hired guns are often incompetent or act like servants towards their masters and are arrogant towards others.

Both being born rich and or working for powerful brands can be a curse. Especially if you forget to build your muscles through incredible hard work, which is also critical to learn to appreciate and respect the shoulders on which you are standing.

Once you do that, you become humble and ready to build on top of what you were lucky to get.