I have tried meditation, and it is powerful, but there are few things even more powerful and reduces the amount of time you need to meditate.

1. Having a trust-based and kind relationships with everyone, especially with your partner.

2. Journaling your thoughts, so it does not bounce around endlessly in mind.

3. Not giving any importance to what others think about you in the short term.

4. Not spending time to impress anyone or on virtue signaling.

5. Not having bad intentions or trying to hide true intentions.

What I have seen is all the five above drastically reduces the need to meditate.

The only thing left then is to mitigate the impact of something you saw, heard, etc. during the day, that was not kind on your mind using meditation.

One solution is to stop watching the news or, better yet, train your mind not to react emotionally to any news.

There is one more thing – 6. giving up the need to feel significant – it is such a waste of mental energy.

There can and should be a bit of arrogance through – the arrogance that you are smart enough and can figure things out, the arrogance that you can pursue and create beauty and you can leave the world a little better for everyone that comes after you, because you lived, as long as this arrogance does not manifest as a need for significance and is tampered with the humility that everything you have assumed can be proved wrong at any given time.