Passion lies at the intersection of 3 or more curiosities. Identifying problems in the world that can be solved by your passion leads to purpose.

Purpose drives motivation and gives meaning to life.

How do we ensure kids develop and maintain multiple areas of interest?

Here is an article by Steven Kotler wrote in Forbes about this :

Kids are curious by nature, all we have to do is

a) Stop using the word – “be careful” or “stop” unless there is a clear danger for them, not for breaking things.

b) Plant random books and objects around the house for them to “discover.”

Yesterday was my birthday, and I decided to buy a toy that everyone can enjoy.

So we went shopping and brought home a celestron telescope.

I got everything set up with the help of the kids in an hour and left it accessible at the right height. The only warning was – never to point it at the Sun.

At the dinner table, the discussions were around why the moon has so many craters, how atmosphere heats asteroids that are coming towards earth, how much rocket debris is there in space, etc.

We, adults, work very hard to kill the passions of kids, you read too much, you play too many games, do not touch this, do not jump in the mud, do not.. all we have to do to keep them curious is to stop working hard on making them fearful and less adventurous.