Bernadette Jiva invited me to join her slack group today. Something she promised she would do for pre-ordering her book Hunch. Once I Joined, I saw a lof of people introducing themselves starting with where they are from.

Where do I feel like I am from?

Trivandrum, where I was born? Pune, where I studied and made friends before there was email?, Cochin, where I studied in CUSAT? Montpellier in France that shaped my thinking and where I owned a house by the beach, the hometown of some of my best friends and my business school, where I worked for the first and only time in my life in another company, as an intern, where my ambitions were born on a rainy day?

Paris, where I once owned 5000 Sq Mts of land where I wanted to build a home and settle and later sold it to build my company 2nd company?

Mauritius, where I love waking up from my bed to the breathtaking view of mountains and sea?

Or is it Mangalore where I built and sold a 100+ people company? Made 1000 mistakes and learned how to do business the hard way? Read 1600+ books and had my private library?

Or is it Bangalore where I am now building a development center to scale up my company?

Is it Cambridge in the UK, where I lived several months in the year during my first business and made friends with a bunch of crazy Italians? Nah, British weather is rubbish weather. – but punting in spring in Cambridge is simply amazing! London! I love London, despite the rubbish weather.

Maybe it is San Jose where I felt “welcome” and “home” in the shortest span of visiting any country and long to go back and most likely settle there for practical reasons?

What about Croatia, where I almost crashed my CLS 500 driving around because I could not take my eyes off the mountains and seas of Dalmatia? I could retire in Dubrovnik. Where I met the oldest living man, 104 years and still very fit for his age. There must be something in the water where Marco Polo lived.

What about Slovenia – where my excellent friends Miran and his family lives, I really would not mind settling there as well for good.

Surely must be France as my kids are French? and I really was about to settle down there?

Must be Mauritius, because, I am counting my days until I go back here in July to renew my investor visa? But then I do not want to stay there for too long! Paradise makes you lazy!

A quick look at my album on my phone show a partial list of countries I have been in last two years.

I do not really know where I am from anymore. And it does not matter because I am having too much fun, and I dream of living in Kenya, Moscow, and Osaka next, once my project UPilot is done, for the next 10 years, I will go wherever it is necessary to go to realize my dreams.

Now I know why I want to buy my Falcon 8x. I do not belong anywhere fixed. I like the freedom to be where I want to be, with whom I want to be, doing what I want to do. I want a life in my terms location does not matter as long as I am happy.

Maybe, I am the modern day Marco Polo. I go where my ambitions take me, travel is just a fringe benefit.






  • Adith Sivakumar

    San….This is my favourite post….I read it twice…..surely I know it will become thrice….etc.

    • San Bhaskaran

      Thank you Adith. Happy to hear it resonated with you. The notion of countries will disappear over time. Even today, we feel proximity and closeness to someone 10,000 miles away who shares our interests and passions over the internet than the next door neighbor.