US President Joe Biden on Thursday warned the world was facing “Armageddon” as Putin may use his atomic arsenal.

We are not very close to world war – In my opinion, it is the least probable outcome.

Ukraine is slowly transforming into the new Afghanistan but with one difference.
Ukraine now uses software with conventional hardware, which is superior to traditional military hardware. There are only seven ways this war will end in the order of probability.

1) Harsh winter forces a negotiation.
2) Secret peace agreement happens during winter.
3) A nuclear test by Russia forces a negotiation.
4) Ukraine gets nuked – no one comes to rescue them. WW3 averted.
5) One or both leaders gets assassinated/ overthrown
6) Ukraine gets nuclear umbrella before being nuked
7) WW3 – Asia does not participate, and the new Asian era begins.

If Ukraine gets nuked, they will wake up to the harsh reality that just like they were not welcome to be part of NATO or the EU; France and Germany will not go to nuclear war to retaliate on behalf of Ukraine.

Let’s pray that the winter is going to be harsh. That is the best support we can offer for a good outcome for the people of Ukraine lead by a clown who cannot see beyond and the temporary advantage they have because the west saw an opportunity to use them for a proxy war and gave them superior software.


Nuclear is still >> Software >> Traditional military hardware

In the future it will also change to

Software >>>> Nuclear >>>> Traditional military hardware

But it has not happened yet and winter is coming.