Language is technology. 

The words Claudiu’s famine – written on the walls of Rome lead to his assassination.

The limited characters used in twitter, text messages, etc. continue to cause a revolution in our times.  

Words can be used to hurt or heal. 

Every technology is that – that is the nature of technology it can do good and harm. 

Now imagine a country that decided not to use the technology of language. What would happen, the society will soon disintegrate and go back in time. 

Fire is technology 

Some species fear this technology called fire, whereas one species decided to steal it. 

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a person who defies the Gods by stealing fire and giving it to humanity as civilization.

Fire can be used to cook or to kill. That is the nature of technology. 

Imagine what happened to the other species that feared the technology of fire. 

Electricity is technology

Electricity put horses out of business by making muscle power portable and scalable.

A few nations decided to monopolize the use of nuclear technology to produce electricity. If you draw a prosperity map of the world today, it directly correlates to those countries and those like India that defied those restrictions and embraced the technology. 

Today, we have better ways to produce electricity, and some of those countries are dismantling their nuclear plants and upgrading to newer methods. 

AI is technology

AI will put humans out of business by making brain power portable and scalable. 

There will be a map of the world drawn of prosperity again in 50 years, and we will see pockets of poverty where people were afraid of AI and did not implement it. It could also be that the other areas, where you can see the lights just monopolized AI and prevented the others from getting the technology. 

We are still afraid of fire; we continue using language to bully and hurt each other. There are still countries completely dark in satellite images.

There will be countries that will be left behind in the next wave as well. 

But the gap AI is going to create could resemble the difference between species which are afraid of fire and species that have harnessed electric power. 

It all depends on how fast people overcome the fear and the real danger of the technologies we come across as a species and harness it without hesitation.