I had a missed call recently – I do not answer calls from unknown numbers, so when a text followed it, I was surprised. It said ” San, I am in Bangalore – “name.”

I instantly recognized it as our customer from California who recently bought UPilot from us. Eventually, we talked and figured out that they want to make an investment in our company and they wanted to take the opportunity to meet me in person. They were well versed with the competing product and wanted a piece of the action.

I am always happy to take money from customers – in fact; they are the only ones who understand what we are doing.

The advantage of taking money from customers is also that they are in it to build something that is of value – Not with an exclusive focus on ROI devoid of delivering real value solving real problems.

In fact, this is not the first time customers expressing interest or investing in UPilot. We had already raised half a million dollars from customers.

One day I will write more about it on how we raised our first $1M exclusively from our clients.