Why the “Robbinghood” moment in B2B might come from browser plugins!

I was “mildly” upset with the Robinhood guys for stealing customer data and misrepresenting how they make money.

Why mildly upset? Because I used to think that if someone uses free software from a for-profit company, they knew they are walking into a greedy man’s trap.

I was wrong!! – the more I asked, I realized that people genuinely believe brands are fair and adhere to some moral standards.

It is highly likely that the “Robbinghood” event in B2B might most likely come in the shape of chrome or other browser extensions that steal and/or sell your data.

Fortunately, from Jan 2021, Google, following Apple is making it easier to figure out what data your plugins are collecting ( but for some reason, it seems to work only on Desktops)

here is how to find out:


Search the product that does not work without an extension, and click on privacy practices> user activity

If you see words like “network monitoring” and “keystroke logging,” now you know that everything you do online on any website and in your network is captured.

Did you find one? Let me know in the comments…