Three weeks ago, we heard from Elon Musk about plans for the city to city travel using rockets.

I wrote an article 6 months ago that this is going to happen and rockets will disrupt the entire first and business class of long-distance flights.

The only last bit of technological breakthrough that might be needed is a way to eliminate the G-forces experienced inside rockets, along with the track record of safe vertical landings.

Here is the link to that article from 6 months ago.

Here is the text: 

[Point of view] Why everyone is doing rockets: Dual disruption

All this buzz about #rockets and #spacetravel has nothing to do with space tourists in my opinion.

What they are after are long-distance commercial flights. Imagine San Francisco to Bangalore in 2 hours. of LA to London in 2 hours. At 40% more cost of the commercial plane. ( Business and First class cost to start with)

It costs about $200K to fill up a large plane, and it is the same cost to fill up a rocket. Moreover, once the rocket is reusable, safe and regulations are in place – there is not much difference! Only advantages.

The GDP of the world has been doubling every 15 years, which means in a few years, we will have a large percentage of long-distance commercial business class and first class passengers willing to pay a bit more to fly in rockets to cut the travel time from 15 – 24 hours to 2/3 hours.

The business jet market is going to be worth $33 Billion dollars – even if you own a business jet, the time and effort needed cannot be reduced beyond a certain point.