I was going through an old hard drive and found this picture of my team from the company I sold some years ago. Building a 100 people company is all about putting those systems, processes, rules and finding those 6-10 leaders who will divide and manage the rest of the team!

Once you have all policies written down, basically anyone with the skills can handle those positions.

The most exciting part of big teams is the big parties. Still, remember a few months before the sale, we took the entire team to a resort, and I was so impressed by some talent people have, we all danced into the night – in the rain!

I decided to sell my IT services company and get into the product business after two years of break and thinking what the next big thing to do is.

Evidently an unknown territory and a fresh set of challenges, I could not see a better alternative.

Something Indian IT companies should have also done long back?