In UPilot, we implemented OKR this quarter and have it up and running for almost a month now.

I knew getting the team aligned perfectly is an excellent way to make progress fast. But was struggling with how to get that done and was trying various things, and OKR seems to me by far the most useful thing I have done towards this goal.

the company level OKRs that are visible to everyone and then the individual level ORS, crates transparency, and a sense of direction in the company.

I have also perfected the right way of managing the todos of the entire team and tracking development efforts and speed.

The entire system now runs using simple excel templates, as I could not find the best system online ( I evaluated a few). I might get to a bottleneck as the team grows, but so far, it is working fine.

So why, OKRs?

A business is like a human body, and if there is no blood pressure, it means the body is not alive, if it is too much, it is not good.  in the same way, a company also has to have some pressure.

Then there is the right kind of pressure – push vs. pull, too little vs. too much

Push is terrible, too much is bad.

The pull towards a common shared goal is a good pressure to have, and it also reduces the risk of putting too much pressure.

And the best part of it all, OKRs create alignment. I am all for it and is a system you need to build and bring alignment in an organization.

Here is a link to the book that inspired me: Measure What matters