When Marc Andreessen interviews Charles Koch, it is a good idea to listen.

If you are keen to dig into the mind of Charles Koch, chairman, and CEO of Koch Industries with over $100B in revenue, here is a link to the excellent podcast:

a16z Podcast: The Business of Continual Change

At the end of the podcast, there is a suggested reading given by Koch.

Here is a list and links to each one of those essays and books recommended:

  1. Michael Polanyi – Republic of Science (Link)
  2. Sir Karl Pooper – Science as Falsification (Link)
  3. From F.A. Hayek
    1. Competition as a discovery procedure (Link)
    2. The Use of Knowledge in Society (Link)
  4. Deirdre N. McCloskey’s article in WSJ – How the west ( and the Rest) got Rich (Link)
  5. Charles Murray’s book – In Pursuit of Happiness and Good Government (Link)