Imagine you are climbing up a ramp, now imagine the ramp is made of a treadmill carpet that is slowly sliding back – at the same pace that you can walk at an average speed.

So if you keep walking, you stay where you are, if you stop walking you move down, if you keep walking faster than you prefer and keep it up, you will make progress.

But if you pause long enough, you will be back to where you started or even further down, and all the gain you made has to be done again.

The ramp rolling backward is applicable everywhere; learning, building a product, having a great relationship, and exercising, etc. It can be seen everywhere in nature.

The carpet rolls at different speeds, for example, for a plant, it may roll slowly than for a butterfly who lives for a week.

The ramp we are talking about is time.

Hesitation is pressing nature’s pause button and pause nature’s cancel button.

-San Bhaskaran