When it comes to the topic of privacy, If you are the type of person who thinks, “I have nothing to hide” ” I do not mind sharing data for better services” it can be a good idea to read on.

I have learned this from Bryan Johnson. His argument about privacy is this:

Everything about us is just data, what time one wakes up, what car we drive, how much sugar on coffee, the belief systems, the metaphors we use, the knowledge acquired, Internet usage pattern etc all of them is data.

Today, with the data social media and search companies capture about each user, they are able to earn a few dollars per user.

So if all of the data about a person can be captured, the total value or the earning potential all your data is equal to the current salary.

So in the future, there could be digital versions of you, who is earning revenue equivalent to your salary on which you might have no rights.

Something like the wall of faces in the digital world.