Where Could VR take off? We had a little mind jam about this and here is the conclusion: Our reluctance to embrace VR comes from the fear of letting go of the reality that we are born into and got so used to, we fear to open that one tab that will close all other tabs and draw our complete attention to a place of full emersion, while someone or something in the real world harm us or escape our attention :). we are slow and scared to make radical shifts. – We want to do it in 2 steps AR first – VR next.

We want to hold on to reality, and add augmented reality and then tip toe into VR. Like a child who holds on to two branches before letting go of one.

For this reason, we believe with my friend Debashis Guha, that the education sector is where VR could take off first – where full emersion is equal to better faster learning.

However, commercially viable B2C VR could be as far as 8 years away from today.