When I saw Shah Rukh Khan on Ted, My first thought was what is this guy doing here? Has Ted ran out of people with great ideas etc.

Not wanting to judge someone before knowing, I decided to watch it. He was laughing at himself and the people who made him a star and ended with a message of love.

What I learned from watching that video was something different.

Sometimes life gives what we perceive as a bad start. Born in poverty, losing a parent or both parents, a serious disability, disease etc.

The Aha moment was when I realized those bad starts or disabilities are the fuel! – How unlucky are those born with a silver spoon in the mouth struggling to find identity in the shadow of a famous or rich mom or dad? – those are the unlucky ones! They have to find their own fuel.

SRK lost both his parents and learned how to drive while having to drive the dead body of his father home and then lost his mother too. Life laughed at him and he decided to laugh back at life itself, including himself.

Sometimes life gives you a bad and unfair start. There are two choices, blame it, or use it to fuel yourself and win.