It is not how smart you are but how are you smart

. – Jim kwik

If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower

– Jim Kwik

Most of us are taught what to learn, but none of us are taught how to learn. Jim Kwik is a widely recognized expert in brain performance and optimization, Accelerated learning, speed reading and memory improvement.

Key to learning: MOM

Motivation – (H3 – head-heart-hands). You will remember names if there was a $100K cheque in the end for remembering their names. In another interview, he uses the matrix analogy. Morpheus is the head; Neo is the hand and Trinity is the heart. All three has to be in alignment for success.

Observation – it is not a matter of retention – it is a matter of attention. ( No1 networking and leadership skill is to remember someone’s name) – do not talk to yourself in the head when you are talking to someone.

People do not care how much you know before they know how much you care.

Mechanics – Mechanics are just 20% of

Four elements of superhero mindset: G4

1. Growth mindset – the source of possibility.
2. Grit – courage, and persistence – What challenges you change you.
3. Giving mindset – Give because it is what who are. – You have to refill the well, do not deplete yourself. ( when I teach something, I get to learn it twice)
4. Gratitude. – have a gratitude board next to the vision board.

Why do we read slow:

There are two parts of learning – reading speed and comprehension

1. Lack of education – reading is a skill.

2. Lack of focus –
When you read slowly, the mind starts to wander. So the brain gets distracted. – It is like driving the car – the faster you go, the lesser things you can do.

3. Subvocalisation – You need to get rid of that inner voice reading along with you. This would limit your reading speed will restrict to your talking speed and not your thinking speed. You do not have to pronounce “stop” when you read a stop sign.

4. Regression and back-skipping – Use visual pacer – it keeps the attention from being pulled apart – underline the words or use a visual guide to go faster.

5. Limiting beliefs – learned helplessness

Ways to reduce the habit of Subvocalization

1. Stretch yourself.
Read faster the mind will spend less time saying filler words like “and” or “is.”
You want to read not for words but for ideas. ( look for ideas)

2. Listen to music.

Baroque music (60 beats per minute) can help.

3. Pattern Interrupt.

Hum. Chew gum, or count.

4. Group each line into three sections. Strong readers see multiple words together because they’re looking for ideas.

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