I have been monitoring the air traffic over various regions, and I firmly believe the US is going to have it worse than Africa.

Lack of leadership, coupled with a significant crisis, is a clear sign of a declining empire.

China, for the first time, is going to control the world’s narrative with its aid to other countries, which is going to come with a clause not to call the virus a Wuhan virus or China virus.

It looks like it is winning, and it is a significant win to be able to control the narrative. Last month everyone was calling it the Wuhan virus – not anymore.

If history is any proof, we are witnessing a shift in world power, and it always has in the past happened with war followed by a dark period.

As a techno-utopian, I feel weird saying this.

Air traffic today 27th March UTC 16.30 US vs Africa – Most flights on top of Africa are cargo or in-transit