According to Ray kurzweil, humanity is close of achieving longevity escape velocity, meaning for every year a human is alive, science will be able to keep him or her alive for one more year, which means humans will be technically immortal.

My opinion is that we will reach the stage of achieving a decisive level of medical control over the aging process within 10 years.

While I was discussing this with one of my friends who is also a customer and investor in UPilot, as my project to work on in the future, he asked me if people will really want to live that long, he cited an example where one of his contacts, who is now 84 is focused on how old he is and talks that he does not have much time left.

I contrast it with my grandmother who is also 84 and each time I call her, although she is conscious of her age is focused on doing more. “San, there is this child of a distant relative who wants to study computers, do you think we can help?” – She asked on a call last week.

I think if you measure your life on the basis of how many experiences you can have or how many possessions you can have, living up to 600 looks like a huge burden.

However, if you think how many humans in this world are you serving and keeping happy because of your presence in this world, suddenly living longer looks more like a service to humanity and meaningful and not about your selfish needs and goals to accumulate stuff.

PS: Just like you have a responsibility to keep others happy you also have a responsibility to eliminate toxic people from your life that saps your energy and enthusiasm.

Do you agree with this point of view – what are your views about living beyond the normal lifespan of today?