One easy way to realize what stage in life someone is at is what upsets that person. As you learn about human beings and yourself, acquire more mind tools, the list becomes smaller and smaller.
Up until 2017 what affected me was people not keeping their word or changing what they said when the time comes to deliver.
Now, it does not affect me anymore – the body reacts when it happens, but the mind takes over.
This month, I received invoices from service providers which totally mismatched what we agreed verbally to something more trivial like just yesterday, I was at an Italian restaurant and they forgot to deliver a drink I ordered, when I reminded them – they bought it, even if I had finished my main course by then and said, the dessert is on us. – Finally, when the bill came, it was not. 🙂
My first instinct was to discomfort.
Then I remembered – this is something that triggers emotions in me and I need to subdue it.

I have a little tool up my sleeve now that works in such situations.
So the waiter came back, while he was swiping the card, he said, ” I am very sorry for the delay you faced today, next time wine is one us”

I smiled – the smile lingered on while I was driving back home and for almost 2 km.

I think true maturity is when nothing triggers your negative emotions, and you are kind to everyone because you can see them.

What is the tool?

Curiosity – you cannot be curious and upset at the same time.