Vision, mission statements…blah blah.

What is the importance of all this?

How do you build a brand – why should there be a code of ethics and a “how we do things here” for every company?

I think I finally had my “aha” moment from none other than David Eagleman.
So apparently human minds process people and objects in different ways, the neural pathways we use when thinking about people and thinking about objects are different.

David’s research found that customers think about a company or brand the same way they would think about another human being as opposed to an inanimate object.

This understanding completely transforms ( at least for me), how brands are being created and nurtured. UPilot – that was some abstract concept is, in fact, better managed if it is thought about as a “person” – This guy who… and the impression about this “person” is created in the minds of the consumer through the touch points…

Below is Wheel of Brand Touchpoints from Denise Lee Yohn


Defining the core values – and making sure it gets articulated as you want it through these touch points is the way to create your brand.

Even if one of them does not behave inconsistently, it can create a perception misalignment to the “person.”

When it comes to brand ” Perception is the reality.”

Writing your vision and mission statements and printing and pasting them on the wall is one thing, making sure it gets consistently delivered to the customer via all touch points is the hard part and where the reward is. Understanding that brands and corporations are seen the same way as people and not as objects by the human brain is an essential understanding to have.

If you are interested in having a look at the study and research paper, here it is: