This was the question I had in my mind. I am trying to grasp the different parts of the prefrontal cortex. Everything seems logical – the medial (mid-sections) regions are more self-focused while the lateral ( side) parts are more focused on the outside world.

Then a question came to my mind, why are they using Latin. To understand this, you cannot use abduction because it will come up with some trivial responses like the use of Latin helps create some level of obscurity for the medical fraternity and let them escape with their mistakes, etc.

What is needed here is convergent analytical thinking:

Why was Latin used in the past?
What advantages did it give then?
Why is it still being used?
What advantages does it give now?

There is a nice Reddit thread that covers all the above
My conclusion is that using Latin terms is precise and faster to communicate accurate information. A single term can describe a disease, condition, or procedure that might otherwise take several words. For example:

Appendectomy – surgical removal of the appendix
Pericarditis – inflammation of the sac around the heart.

Plus, the advantage that Latin is not in use today as an active language, making it is static, means that those terms are not going to change and are an effective way to preserve and pass on knowledge.