I used to think if you are intelligent, life is a bit depressing.

You are continually trying to be better, and base reality is a bit boring. Add to it the cognitive distortions, life would lean towards depression if you start questioning things around you.

Then I realized if you are brilliant, it means you can influence other person feelings, thoughts, actions, and emotions. What I call as FATE.

Well, if you are really really smart, you can influence your own FATE.

But how do you do that? The same way you influence someone else. Using words and Actions. Actions create emotions. But let us focus on words for this one.

The words you speak to yourself.

When you see the words WTF, if you are smart enough to control your own narrative, you could see it as Wow That’s Fun.

Life is a single-player game in the majority of the time. What we should remember is we have control of the narrative.

Which means you have to be a bit dilutional to be happy.

However, to be successful, you need to get to and face hard truths and realities; success then is the capacity to hold these two aspects simultaneously.

Not easy but doable.